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Safari Van

In 2019, thanks to the generosity of several great donors, Tusonge celebrated the purchase of a new van that will:

  • Safely transport our children to and from school, and

  • Provide us with a new source of revenue.


Thanks to the business skills of our Ugandan friend George, we were able to establish a unique relationship with his safari company.  George takes tourists on safaris in the wilds of Uganda and to the headwaters of the Nile River.  He suggested that by purchasing a safari style van, we could use it for our purposes but when it’s not needed his company could lease the van for safaris. 


The plan was working great until Covid 19 hit and shut down the tourist industry.  But, we are hoping to get back up and running soon.


An additional benefit of this project is that some of our children are expressing an interest in learning about the tourism business, and auto mechanics; two fields that they can learn about through the van.  Who knows, Tusonge-hosted safaris might be a big new business someday.

Tusonge Van
Tusonge Van
Tusonge Van

Tusonge is celebrating the purchase of a van!!

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