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How Tusonge Children's Ministries Started

The seeds of Tusonge Children’s Ministries were planted in 2014 when 20 young Ugandan children came to the United States in a children’s choir.  Their goal was to raise money and recruit sponsor families to help them and other young children attend school and improve their lives.  For 10 months they traveled around the U.S., singing, dancing and sharing their stories. Everywhere they went the children felt the love of Christ.  They were encouraged and nurtured.  For the first time they felt joy in their young lives.  One young girl innocently asked her host family, “Are there any bad people in America?”

Unfortunately, as the tour ended, the children and their chaperones learned that the choir would disband when they got home.  The children were shattered. They lost faith in the Word of God. They faced a life of impoverishment when they returned to Uganda. 

But the Lord wasn’t finished with these beautiful young children.  One of the choir’s chaperones, reached out to some of the families who had hosted the children during their choir tour.  These families were devastated to hear the childrens’ plight.  They quickly banded together and created a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, feeding and caring for the children, and others back in Uganda.

Today, Tusonge Children’s Ministries cares for over 60 children.  Thanks to generous sponsors, donors, churches and friends across the United States, the children are being educated, housed and cared for.  Their joy, love of God, and hope for a better future are once again alive in their hearts. 

About Us
Vision & Mission

Save one life at a time so that each young person can share the smiles of hope and love to others through Christ Jesus.

Let the Spirit of the Lord use us to give hope and love and save one child and family at a time and use this living testimony to sweep the world.

Mission Statement:
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