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Since 2014, we have been on the adventure of a lifetime.


  • That year we learned that the African children’s choir that had sung at our church would dissolve when they got home.  Some of these kids had escaped abusive situations, been left orphaned by HIV, and come from the most dire living conditions in the slums of Kampala.  These 20 young children who had won over our hearts would be sent back to Uganda with no hope for a better future.

  • We vowed to not let that happen.  In coordination with their choir chaperone, Fredrick Otukuru, we got organized and raised money to help them:

    • Rent a safe house,  

    • Enroll in school, and

    • Provide for their food, clothing and medical needs.

  • We formed a 501 c 3 non-profit organization and called it Tusonge Children’s Ministries.  Tusonge means “moving forward” in the Ugandan language.

  • Slowly Tusonge grew.  In the U.S. we shared our story with churches and civic groups gaining a host of new sponsors and donors.  In Uganda, our original band of 20 youngsters has grown to over 40 today. 

  • They are thriving in school, achieving top grades and working as a team to keep the Tusonge Family Home a place of joy, spirituality and love.

  • More recently, our generous donors have helped us

    • Build them a permanent family home,

    • Establish a small farm, and

    • Purchase a van that, when not in use by us, we lease to a Safari company to supplement our income.

    • We’re exploring other opportunities that will help sustain us financially and provide long-term employment opportunities for the children.

It has been an indescribable blessing to be a part of Tusonge Children’s Ministries.  We can never thank our friends, donors and sponsors enough for helping us change the lives of our many loving children.


God Bless You,

Bill and Kathy Musgrave
Ken and Becky Berg
Jean Carder
Shelley George
Nadine Horst

Bill and Kathy Musgrave

Bill and Kathy Musgrave

Jean Carder.jpg

Jean Carder

Shelley George

Shelley George

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