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Educating the children and preparing them for a successful future is Tusonge Children's Ministries number one priority.

Thanks to our sponsors, a number of our children are attending St. Julian’s, one of Uganda’s top boarding schools.  Located on the outskirts of Kampala, St Julian is a private boarding school with an attendance of about 1500 students.  It is highly regarded and consistently ranks near the top of the country’s boarding schools.  Several board members have visited the school. Kathy Musgrave, a retired high school administrator with 42-years of education background, met St. Julian’s president and high school principal.  She confirms that the curriculum is rigorous and would challenge American students. 


Our children are doing very well at St. Julian’s.  They are leaders and earn top grades in their classes. 


We are proud of our first group of graduates.  Joshua has attended music school and has started his own business, Eric is going to college to become a social worker and Kizza is learning to be a hair beautician.


Not all of our children go to St. Julian’s.  Based on their age and capabilities, some are enrolled in schools closer to their homes in Kampala..  We also support a number of children that live in a small Village about three hours from Kampala and attend two local schools in the village.  Our goal is to get all of these kids into St Julian when they finish their primary education.


To supplement the children’s formal education, we provide books for leisure reading at the Tusonge home.  And, during the COVID pandemic the children took broadcast classes over television, with tutors and with study materials provided by St. Julian’s.


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Masks are required at St. Julian's Boarding school. Older students preparing for their exams are the only ones returning thus far.  A nationwide travel restriction helped minimize spread of the Corona virus.

Boarding School
Boarding School
Boarding School
Boarding School
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