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In addition to your contributions, we urge you to help spread the word about our efforts by:

  • Sharing our story with members of your church or organization. Perhaps a project for your organization or adult/youth group could be to sponsor a child.  Imagine the love and excitement that can build over time if they took on the responsibility.  

  • Organizing a fundraising event like a dinner, breakfast, rummage sale, ice cream social or other activity to benefit Tusonge Children's Ministries.  Make it an annual event and show pictures and stories of your sponsored child's progress.

  • Telling others through your social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and refer them to this web site.  Be sure to like and share our Facebook page.  

  • Identifying a member of your organization or church who would like to be a continuing sponsor, or who would be willing to make a one-time or legacy gift.  They could literally change a young child's life.  

Tusonge T-Shirt Fundraiser

Jennifer Lunhow, from Texas, designed and sold Tusonge t-shirts as a fundraiser.

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Personal relationship
with an individual child

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A shared sponsorship
with another sponsor

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One time or recurring donations are appreciated for projects
and other needs.

Ready to sponsor a child?  Select your child and enter his or her name on our Sponsorship Form.  

Fundraising Ideas
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