Children in Need of Sponsorship


NAME: Joan Kakisembo

DATE OF BIRTH:  Sept 9, 2013

AGE:  8 yrs

SEX: Female


SCHOOL: Katsoosa


Joan stays with her grandfather who is very old and sick. The mother is a single mum. She is jobless and can't afford to pay the school fees for Joan.  They would like to get her into a local school in the village they live in outside of Kampala.



Name:   Sylvia Katumah Kasemiie

Date of birth:   Oct 11, 2013

Age:  8 years

School: Rwentuha Primary School

Class:  primary 1

Hobbies:  Making new friends





Sylvia Faatumah Kasemire is the 5th born in a family of 8 children.  She lives in a village 4 hours outside of Kampala.  The father abandoned the family so the mother was left to look after them all by herself.  She has no defined source of income. 


Names: Eria Daniel Kyomuhendo

Date of Birth: Aug 3, 2012

Age : 9 years

School: Aloysious Revocate memorial schools. 

Class: primary 3

Hobbies: He loves watching TV and playing with friends.






 Eria Daniel is the last born of the 3 children. Raised by a single mother without a defined source of income. They are waiting on the father to bring for them basic needs. He abandoned them for his other wives 



Name: Rinah Komulembe 

Date of birth: July 2, 2010

Age: 11 years

Class: Primary 5

School: Kaihura Primary School

Hobbies: She loves watching TV and travelling. 

Rinah is the 2nd born in a family of 4.  She lives in a village that is 4 hours from Kampala.  Rinah is being raised by a single mother who is a peasant farmer.  The father is a drunkard who abandoned the family. 


Name: Prisca Kezabu  

Date of birth: June 5, 2013 

Age: 8 years

School: Mary and Martha primary Mpunda

Hobbies: She loves making new friendships and reading.


Prisca comes from a family of four siblings.  She lives with her family in a village 4 hours outside of Kampala.  Prisca's parents are farmers and can't afford sending all their children to school.

She wants to be a nurse when she grows up.                                                                                                                                   


There are multiple ways you can help the Tusonge Children's Ministry.  We are seeking annual commitments which will be automatically renewed unless we are informed otherwise.  This will provide the children with the stability and sustainable support they need to stay in school and become contributing members of their church and community.  Click on the child's name to learn more about each individual.


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