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As our Tusonge children are growing older and graduating from their secondary schools, some want to pursue additional education at a university or vocational school.  These grants could give them that opportunity and could lead to a better job upon graduating. 

Tusonge children who want to seek employment may require up front money for tools, uniforms, transportation, etc. This type of grant will give them the initial funds to help start their job.

Some Tusonge children may wish to start their own business. Examples could be raising crops and animals for sale, producing film or music projects, selling local products as a vendor or fulfilling another need that is of interest to them. As with any new venture, startup capital will be required.  The grant program is a way for us to help in these endeavors.

Tusonge's new Grant Program has “EYES ON THE FUTURE”.   Since our founding in 2014, we have always asked how we can help our kids after they graduate from Secondary school. That has inspired us to create the “EYES ON THE FUTURE GRANT PROGRAM”. With the help of generous donors and sponsors, Tusonge is creating a fund that will help launch our children on their personal paths to success after secondary school.


There will be three categories of grants to help cover expenses associated with their goals:

  • Advanced Education:


  • Employment Opportunities

  • Starting a Business






Interested Tusonge candidates will complete an application and participate in an interview with the Tusonge Board of Directors.  They will be asked about their experiences with Tusonge, their goals for the future, what financial needs they are facing, how they plan to succeed, and how they can be of service to Tusonge as they move forward in the years to come. 

We are so excited to help these Tusonge kids get a start in their future.

If you would like to support this exciting new program, please click on the Donate button and designate your gift to 'Eyes on the Future'. ​For more information email us at

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