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Clean Water

Water-borne disease is a major problem throughout Africa.  That’s why we are partnering with another organization to provide effective, inexpensive water filtration systems in our community.

When building our group home, we faced the challenge of providing clean and safe drinking water.  We installed a new well and erected a cistern system to store water.  However, the water still needed to be boiled to make it safe.  Thanks to research by a board member, we discovered a company in nearby Kenya--created by an American engineer--that has developed a proven water filtration system that removes 99.99999% of waterborne pathogens; the leading cause of disease and death in Third World countries.  We installed the commercial version in our home and it works perfectly. 

We also learned about their household version that costs a mere $50 and lasts 10 years. By connecting two five-gallon buckets with a unique water filter we can provide a family with 99.99999% pure water for pennies a day.  A complete system costs just $50. The system will last for at least 10 years by simply back-flushing the filter.  It requires no electricity and has no moving parts. 

Woman_Water reduced.jpg

We would like to work with the company to purchase an initial inventory of 100 filters and, in partnership with community organizations near our home, provide filters to families that don’t have access to clean running water.  If this test is successful, we see an opportunity for our children to work on behalf of the company when they graduate, and for the project to be a significant community improvement initiative that not only helps provide clean drinking water to families in need, but also raises awareness and support for Tusonge, and mission opportunities for visitors from America. 

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