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My wife Trudy and I are so honored to be a part of a great ministry born and founded by our Almighty God. He is the true founder and leader of Tusonge Children’s Ministries. I am just a servant; lucky and blessed to serve Him and with Him.

Growing up in Uganda, I knew exactly what these children were going through. It’s from my personal experience that the Spirit led me to start the Tusonge Children’s Ministries with the goal of restoring hope, blessing, joy, love and peace to these children. These children deserve to know God’s love and feel valued in their lives. 


All we have done with our awesome team is testimony of what the Almighty has done for us.  In a world full of sadness and tears where there is no hope and no future, we have His grace and living hope. This has given us reasons to smile and to share. Our family and our team of sponsors, donors, churches and friends do this because He loved us first from the cross and even before we were born. I hope all the children in our ministry will one day experience this love of Christ and much more.

Fredrick Otukuru

Director of African Operations

Message from the Founder
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