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Tusonge June 2023 Newsletter

Tusonge board member and co-director Shelley George traveled to Uganda and spent the month of January getting first-hand knowledge of how things are going with the children and the new administration. She was so pleased how our co-directors Regan and George are handling all of the many responsibilities of Tusonge. Shelley was able to talk with Fred, Luke, Mary and Olivia, our youth leadership team, and was so impressed with how seriously they are taking on their responsibilities. She spent one-on-one time with most of the Tusonge children and report they are happy and doing well. We decided to try to tell her January story through the following pictures and descriptions. Pictures of our newly sponsored children, not included in previous newsletters, are also included. Enjoy the report!!!


The Village

Life is a little sweeter in the Village of Kabagunda because of these smiling faces!

I traveled the 4 hours to visit our Tusonge kids while they wrote letters to their sponsors. I was greeted with dancing and laughter and so much joy! I visited both schools that our kids attend in the village and heard great reports from the administrations.

Writing Letters


Leadership Team

Introducing our Student Leadership Team:

Mary, Lucas, Olivia, and Fred

This team was put into place last October when Tusonge reorganized in Uganda. This group was selected by their peers to represent all of the kids. The youth leadership team has become mentors to the younger Tusonge kids. They help with their studies, resolve conflicts, teach daily chores, and communicate with Regan and George about issues that come up. We keep in contact with them frequently and they are doing a fantastic job.

Tusonge Leadership


One-on-One Interaction with Tusonge Children

While in Uganda I spent a lot of time talking with the kids, one on one and in groups.

They may be halfway around the world and life is very different there, but one thing is true, these kids deal with the same pressures and struggles that our kids at home experience. Each of them are comforted knowing they have their sponsors and many others praying for them and cheering them on. I was often told how safe and loved they feel with the Tusonge Ugandan directors and their house mom, Ssenge.

House mom


Tusonge Center

Children at Tusonge Center

We have started referring to the Tusonge house as the Tusonge Center. Primarily because it’s so much more than just a house. There is always something happening with kids coming and going and community involvement and outreach. It’s a safe place for children to come and receive help and support when they need it. A variety of projects and activities are always ongoing. Some of the activities that take place at the center are:

Letter Writing and Phone Calls

All Tusonge kids from the Kampala area come to the Tusonge Center to write their letters and make their calls to their sponsors. This is a special time for them. They love to share and connect. The older kids really invest time in helping and mentoring the younger ones. Tusonge is truly a family that cares for one another.

Rug Making

Rug making was a skill Mary, one of our student leaders, brought to the group. She learned how to do it at home and then taught the other kids how to make them. Several kids can be involved at the same time. I brought them home with me to sell and all of the money will go directly back to the kids. Let us know if you are interested in one and we will put you on the list.

Notebook Assembly

Vicky, one of our kids, learned how to make school notebooks while at home with her mom. She came to the center and taught everyone how to assemble them.

This is a big project that takes several days to finish. When they are finished the kids have lots of extra notebooks they need for school.

Games and Activities

The children love playing cards and other games together and even invite kids in the neighborhood to come and play. They still love dancing and singing and are always working on new moves and songs. They have become very involved in the new community where the center is located. They help coach soccer for local kids and have found a church to call their own.


Water Filter Distribution

Tusonge kids continue to distribute water filters in their new community to combat diseases due to drinking unsanitary water.

water filtration system

This project has been ongoing for a number of years. Thanks to your generous donations the children have distributed over 100 water filter systems.


Latest Sponsored Children

We have kids waiting to be sponsored. Please check out our webpage for information on kids that would love to go to school and start a relationship with you.

The economy in Uganda has suffered greatly as elsewhere in the world. The price of everything has gone up substantially. We are doing what we can but if you would like to add to your donation, as little as another $5 or $10 per month, it would make a huge difference.

Thank you for all you do. The lives of these children have been changed more than any of you can imagine by your being part of Tusonge.


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