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Newsletter: August 2022

July 2022 Mission Trip Changes Lives

Once again, the children and leaders of Tusonge Children’s Ministries shared their love, friendship and blessings with a group from the U.S. Board members Bill and Kathy Musgrave lead a group to Uganda July 18-31. With them were Earl Martin, Wilma Wilcox and Dennis Ryer from the Kansas City area; Kathy’s son Robert Walters, his wife Renee and their son Jacob from Boise, ID.; and, Kathy’s daughter, Lori Johnson and her son Christopher from north of Chicago. Robert was the Pastor of Louisburg United Methodist Church and invited the African children’s choir that eventually became Tusonge Children’s Ministries.


The group spent an amazing two weeks immersed in the beautiful spirit that is Tusonge. Their words and pictures speak for themselves:

“Thanks to Bill & Kathy for this great trip. I sponsor one of the children in the village so it was a great chance to meet her. I had been to Africa before so I was prepared for seeing the poverty and poor conditions of the country. But the valued time spent with the Tusonge children was such a treasure. These kids are courteous, well grounded, and responsible leaders. The highlight of the trip, for me, was participating in the devotions they led and watching them in various aspects of their roles at home. I fell in love with these kids and I look forward to seeing their accomplishments in life.”

-- Earl Martin

Earl Martin Tusonge Children's Ministries Visit

“I was especially impressed with the caring, articulate teenagers at the house. I enjoyed many individual conversations with them. Excellent English with good questions and answers about their lives and ours.”

--Wilma Wilcox

“The Tusonge trip was one of the most moving and emotional trips I have ever experienced. Meeting the kids and sharing their daily lives, faith, respect and joy was indeed the highlight of the trip. I am proud to say that I am a member of the Tusonge family.”

--Dennis Ryer

“The people of Uganda welcomed us with open arms. They demonstrated so much love, compassion, hard work and perseverance. Thank you to all that donated. It went directly to the children of Tusonge Ministries.”

--Lori Johnson

“It was so cool getting to know all the Tusonge kids. They made us feel so welcome. They’re amazing. Their lives are so different than ours, but we all just want a better life for ourselves and the whole world.”

--Jacob Walters and Christopher Johnson

“I loved everything, especially the fun meaningful work where we worked alongside the kids and really got to know them. It was a great experience and would be great for more students to have. I hope we can bring more kids along the next time.”

--Renee Walters

"We've loved these kids since we first met them in 2014. They've grown, but they are still some of the most loving, kind, hard-working and spiritual people I have ever known. This mission trip has been so eye-opening and meaningful. It is an amazing experience that I want to share with our Nampa UMC family. God Bless all of the Tusonge children, their leaders Fredrick and Trudy, and all the sponsors and donors who have shared their love with Tusonge. And thank you all for the most memorable 50th Birthday Party anyone could wish for."

-- Rev. Robert Walters


Thanks to everyone who joined us. It was another amazing experience. We especially want to thank Fredrick and Trudy our amazing Africa Directors, and our Tour Guide and special friend George. Without all of their love, care and commitment, Tusonge would not exist. Keep your eyes out for our next trip to Uganda in the coming months. Kindest Tusonge Regards and Blessings, Bill & Kathy Musgrave


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