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Newsletter: February 2022

January 2022 Mission Trip

The hearts and lives of 7 people were changed forever as they traveled to Uganda in January to visit our Tusonge family to observe and participate in their daily lives. They all stressed and yet passed the required stringent Covid tests prior, during and returning from their trip. They were going nonstop the entire time as they talked, laughed, prayed and worked with the beautiful people they met. While they were there they participated in many activities that had been planned for them.

Trip Participants
Pictured are Shelley George, Lexton George, Jennifer Flory, Adalynn Flory, Ava Davis-Leffler, Deby VanGothem, Mike Windholz and our wonderful tour guide and friend George.

The first hands-on task was to help the local contractors and Tusonge children lay bricks for a wall for the new boy’s dorm and Tusonge office.

One day the team, along with 28 kids and all their belongings, loaded up 3 taxi vans to go to St. Julian Boarding School where school is finally back in session. The kids were very excited to get back to school after being out due to Covid.

An unforgettable time was spent in the Kabagunda Village that is a four hour drive from Kampala. This is the village where Fredrick’s wife, Trudy, grew up. Tusonge now has 12 kids sponsored in this village, which gives them their first opportunity to go to the new "Light Star Day & Boarding School". The team toured the school and visited some of the kid’s homes.

During the trip the team and Tusonge children delivered 48 water filters to families in both Kampala and Kabagunda Village. The Tusonge children have learned how to demonstrate the use of the water filters, providing the families with clean drinking and cooking water. This was a tremendous advantage when going into homes that did not speak English.

They ended this amazing two weeks with a three day Safari in Murchison Falls National Park and a river cruise down the Nile River.

This summer another trip is being planned for July 19th-30th. Let us know if you are interested in a trip by completing our Contact Us form.


Grant Program "Eyes On The Future"

In 2021 we awarded 4 grants to Tusonge young adults who are either wanting to start their own business or go on to higher education. The latest two recipients are: Eric who is attending university for a degree in Social Work and Administration and Kizza who is attending a Hair Dressing and Cosmetology school. We are so proud of these young people and are grateful to their sponsors and other donors who chose to continue supporting these youth beyond their high school years. Additional donations for this unique project can be made by going to our donate page and designating your gift to the ‘Eyes on The Future’ grant project.


Boys Dorm and Tusonge Office

Thanks to many kind donations and hard work by local contractors, our Tusonge kids, and other volunteers, the new boy's dormitory and administrative office are in construction on land Tusonge purchased a few years ago. It is exciting for the boys to soon be able to have their own space. Ugandan law actually requires separate office space for charitable organizations to be recognized in their country. This office will help us meet these government requirements.


Clean Water Project

We are continuing our effort to provide clean water for the people of Uganda. At this time we have currently distributed over 60 water filtration systems with your generous donations in support of this project. We have expanded this project to include the people in rural Kabagunda Village where 12 of our Tusonge children and their families live. For more information about Uzima Water Filters, visit our Clean Water Project page.

Water filter and team


Newly Sponsored Children

We are so excited to let you know that in the last 3 months we have added 11 new children and their sponsors to Tusonge Children's Ministries. Two children in the Kampala area who have new sponsors are Daisy and Stuart.

Starting this past year we have extended this ministry to include children who live in Kabagunda Village. Trudy Otukuru grew up in this village which is a 4 hour drive outside of Kampala. Trudy talked about the lack of opportunity for a child to go to school because the parents are so poor. If a child did have the opportunity to go to school, their choice of schools was very limited and did not provide them with the quality of education necessary to advance past primary levels. A new school, "Light Star Day & Boarding Primary & Nursery School", has been started in the village and thanks to generous sponsors we now have 12 Tusonge children attending this school. The nine newly sponsored kids in Kabagunda Village are:

Alex Desire Moreen

Patience Grace Halima

Kenneth Moses Bridget

These children and their families are forever grateful to the sponsors that have allowed them to get an education.


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