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We are so proud to announce our first Tusonge children to graduate and move on to higher education.

Benna ran to Tusonge in the middle of the night to get away from a forced marriage at 16. Today she is enrolled in nursing school.

Joshua was an original member of the children’s choir that came to the U.S. He was a leader of that group and his love of music has continued. He graduated with a certificate in music production.

Here’s the Facebook post that Fredrick wrote about their accomplishments:

Benna was told at the age of 16, “I’m sorry but you need to get married as we cannot help you anymore.” Joshua, is keeping his music dreams way up high. He is regarded as one of the best at the music school. He will graduate as a full music producer and musician. See what the Lord can do for those who keep their faith strong in Him! Surely these would have been dreams shuttered had Tusonge Ministries not listened to the call of the Almighty. Thank you, Tusonge Ministries for keeping the light burning even in the midst of the storm.


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