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Dormitory Project

A current project for Tusonge Children's Ministries is building on our farm site a dormitory for the Tusonge boys when they are home from school. 


Currently all the children that stay with Fredrick during the school breaks are housed in the main home that Trudy and Fredrick live in.  The children are no longer 'little' kids as many have now grown to be teens and young adults as they are finishing up their schooling.  As you can see this becomes a housing problem when they all come at one time.  The garage is currently being used as their sleeping quarters but it is not big enough to handle the number of boys that show up and stay.  They wind up sleeping many to a bunk as well as on the floor. 


We are now building a structure, on the land that Tusonge owns, to house these boys.  The building will also have an office for Fredrick that he can use to conduct his work and business duties.  In addition, the plans are to have additional rooms that can be used for school study purposes and work areas for other projects.

This structure will not interfere with the chicken and rabbit program that currently occupies part of the property.

Money has been donated to begin this project with hopes of completing enough of the structure with our current funds  to allow some of the boys a place to sleep during their time not at school.  Additional funds are needed to complete the interior, doors and windows and finish the office.  

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