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Tusonge Farm Will Help Us Be More Sustainable.

Old McDonald will have nothing on Tusonge Children’s Ministries thanks to generous donations to secure our small farm, and build a chicken/rabbit coop. We are so grateful and excited.


Over the spring and summer of 2020, Fredrick and our older children worked alongside local tradesmen to build a wall around our farm, located down the road from our main house. The wall will protect our crops and livestock from intruders.


We are planting a variety of vegetables, fruits and roots to help feed the children and to sell at local markets.


Additionally, we built a coop on the farm to house rabbits and chickens. Chickens are a major staple of the Ugandan diet. Rabbits are a popular and in-demand source of protein.


Our goal is to use some of our crops and livestock to nourish the children, while selling some of our harvests at local markets.  In this way the farm can help pay for itself, while providing revenue for our ongoing operations.  We’re also seeing that some of the children enjoy working on the farm.  They might see agriculture as a future career path.

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Farm to Market
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