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Moving forward together in faith, family   and love.

Welcome to Tusonge Children's Ministries

Moving Forward Together in Faith, Family and Love is
what Tusonge Children’s Ministries is all about.

Tusonge Children’s Ministries started in 2014.  Twenty Ugandan children visited the U.S. as part of a children’s choir.  They stayed in our homes and performed in our churches.  When we learned that their choir would disband upon returning to Uganda we knew we had to act, otherwise the children would be sent back into the streets. We formed a non-profit organization to make sure these lovely children would receive the education, housing, medical care and other support they had been promised.  Today, thanks to generous sponsors, donors, churches and friends we care for over 60 orphaned and vulnerable children.

We invite you to read more and join us in Moving Forward Together in Love and Hope. 

Tusonge Children’s Ministries is moving forward in a variety of ways.  

Our mission is to help the children thrive and grow through love, education, spirituality, hope and happiness.  The children are all enrolled in quality schools.  They attend church regularly and hold self-directed devotionals every night.  Their joy is infectious and a blessing to behold. 

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Your sponsorship of a child can open a whole new world to them.  Today we have 60 children enrolled in either a highly regarded boarding school outside Kampala, or in schools more appropriate for the capabilities closer to home. Most Ugandan families live on a dollar a day or less.  School is out of the question for millions.  Your sponsorship provides an education for a child, which can not only brighten their future but their families’ future, as well.  Click here to learn how you can become a sponsor. 

Grant Program

A new 'Grant' program has been started to assist our Tusonge children that have completed their formal education and are now wanting to get advanced degrees or begin an occupation or start a business.

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Clean Water

Water-borne disease is a major problem throughout Africa.  That’s why we are partnering with another organization to provide effective, inexpensive water filtration systems in our community.

Latest News
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